Long Distance Relationship Part 2

Watch Video of Long Distance Relationship Part 2 Now!

“Hi, I’m Aimee. I’m from Asia and moved to the United States to be with my lover. I met my husband online and now we’re happily married. No kids yet but we’re planning to have one in the future. Here goes our story.”

“God, give me a sign please.” I was already falling in love with Robert after almost a year of talking to him online. I was getting into the point of confusion asking whether to or not it was destiny or does he feel the same way. I really didn’t know but I was sure I already fell in love with him. And made me realized, I already have moved on and ready to be in a new relationship.

Months passed by after he returned back to the United States and our feelings to each other had gotten deeper. We still video called and messaged each other every day but this time, it’s like a girlfriend and boyfriend situation. We were not scared of saying sweet words anymore such as “I like you”, “please take care of yourself”, “I miss you so much”, and so much more. My day would feel empty without seeing him because he makes me alive.

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In December 2013, he planned for a trip in my country. He wanted to visit my place and learn new things about my culture. I wasn’t sure what his intention was but I felt really excited when he was telling me about it. At first, I played it hard to get when he told me I should be meeting him at the airport and run to him, hug him and kiss him when he comes out. I told him it’s too corny and I’m not his girlfriend to do it. He was laughing hard when I said it. Four weeks passed and he surprised me with a plane ticket. I was panicking because I haven’t asked my boss for a vacation leave yet. But then, I saw the itinerary and his flight is not until the next month.

Days passed and I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, what would he think about me in person and if he would be disappointed when he sees me. I was getting crazy and couldn’t concentrate on my job. There were a lot of “what ifs” running in circles in my mind. I didn’t even want to talk to him anymore because he might turn me down and look for other girls instead after meeting me. I wasn’t sure of myself why I had those feelings. I guess it is just what it is. I was bursting out with my worries. I didn’t let him know about my feelings and pretended like I’m confident to face him with no doubts and regrets.

Two days before his arrival, I went shopping. I redecorated my apartment and made every corners look pleasant as possible. I bought new clothes and make-up. I don’t normally wear make-up but I thought that maybe it’s about time to enhance a bit. He will be in the country for about two weeks so I bought 14 different clothes to wear each day. Crazy right? I learned what kind of food he eats and how to prepare it. I wanted him to feel at home while he is in my country so I thought of every single thing he would possibly notice. I disregard my Asian style in the bathroom and changed it to Westerner’s. I couldn’t hold still the day before he arrived. I wanted him to feel good while he is with me because I love him and maybe he will love me too.

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My best friends came to visit me before I left to the airport. They told me not to worry and stop trying to impress him. They were right. Finally, it put me at ease after listening to their thoughts. Robert is supposed to arrive at midnight. An hour before his arrival, I rented a cab and went straight without fear. After two hours of waiting, he finally came out. I seriously didn’t know what to do. I just stood up there and didn’t even smile at him. I didn’t run to him and all his corny stuff he asked me to do. I was amazed and just blinked my eyes on him. As he was getting close to me, my heart was beating fast and felt like I don’t speak English anymore. I couldn’t speak. We hugged each other and that’s it. All the scripts that I was supposed to tell him were blown away while he was talking to me about how excited he was to be in my country and to spend time with me.

When we arrived in my apartment and talked for a bit, he then finally asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was even more shocked than I was at the airport. My heartbeat ran like a sport’s car and I was brain-dead. It took me several minutes to pull myself together and I was able to tell him how happy I was too to see him. I told him how much I feel for him and very excited to show him around too. But when I started talking, I couldn’t shut up anymore until he told me to relax and take a deep breath. He noticed I was nervous.

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We traveled across the country and enjoyed every single day together. He had no issues with our foods and with the way we do things. I taught him common words in my language too. He loved the weather and it’s just where he wanted to be. Everybody loves tropical weather, I guess. After a week of spending time alone, we finally went to my hometown and meet my family. My parents liked him. They saw how important I am to him and vice versa. They welcomed him with a party and Robert was overwhelmed with it. We had a big celebration at my parent’s house and everybody was able to meet Robert. We had few drinks and karaoke too. I was very happy my parents liked him and Robert got to meet them. He is the second guy my parents ever met after my ex-boyfriend who torn me apart.

As we spent his last week at my parents’ house, we did a lot of stuff with my family. We showed him around the place, we brought him to our family farm, we spent overnight at the beach, and we went to another city and did more fun stuff there. My parents hosted an everyday celebration at the house to show how they’re grateful to have Robert there. He enjoyed all of it and was thankful for making him experienced everything he never thought of.

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It was hard to say goodbye to Robert when he had to go back. I shed tears and couldn’t let go of his hands. He went in and out of the airport as he was feeling the same way too. He tried not to cry but I saw deep inside him, he was just as sad. He promised to come back and things will not change between us and it will get better instead. He promised that everything will work out and he will marry me one day. I held on to those promises and never lost hope.

Watch Video of Long Distance Relationship Part 2 Now!


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