Long Distance Relationship Part 3

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“Hi, I’m Aimee. I’m from Asia and moved to the United States to be with my lover. I met my husband online and now we’re happily married. No kids yet but we’re planning to have one in the future. Here goes our story.”

A week after Robert left, it still saddened me and couldn’t believe that he’s back in the United States. I was used in getting up his arms in the morning and eat breakfast together. Now it’s back to normal. I couldn’t eat no more and could barely get up on time for work. I missed him so dearly and wanted to see him again. He left me his shirt with his scent in it. I never washed it. I put it on to my huge teddy bear and cuddled with it every night. We still video call every single day but I never felt alive like I did when he was with me. However, I had to be strong and just trust him. I believed in him that he will fulfill his promise.

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Months passed and our relationship was still stable. We had no problems at all aside from the distance. We kept being patient and showed nothing but love and care to each other. Days before my birthday, he sent me a package and arrived after my day. We celebrated my birthday together through skype. Despite of the time difference, we still managed to. He called me around midnight before my birthday and stayed up late even if he has to go to work early the next morning. He was able to make it special and that’s  what I love about him. He makes things special although we live thousands of mile away from each other.

I wasn’t an introvert person but since I met him, I acquired a habit of going home right after work and don’t go out anymore. I quit socializing with friends and stayed at my apartment over the weekends. Robert didn’t wish for it but it’s what I started doing  without realizing it.

It took me a month to recover from the day he left and came back to my senses. I regained my passion for my career and Robert was the same way too. He was just as sad as me but he was definitely back to reality after few weeks of returning to the states. One time, I was at work and he called me. I thought it was an emergency so I took an early break. He was just going to say how much he loves me and to keep holding on. How thoughtful of him to keep reminding me. Robert makes my day better as always. He sent me cakes and flowers not once or twice but multiple times. He usually sends it at my work address and it was just romantic. It made me feel like he was just a meter away from me. So I told myself that our love for each other can definitely bring us together again.

Robert is like my alarm clock. He would call me when it’s time to get up for work. He did it everyday and it’s no joke. He never missed a single day. It’s even hard to hide my true emotions from him because he would know if I was in a bad mood or not. He could read my mind by my facial expressions. Robert is just amazing, what can I say? What more could I ask from him? He has everything I wished for. Being on a long distance relationship is just a test and it’s a piece of cake for the both us. We never stopped believing that we can make it.

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Almost a year after he left, he planned for another trip to come see me. Of course, I wasn’t as crazy as the first time. I already knew what to do and nothing to ger worried about. No more “what ifs”. It was an exciting news for me and we couldn’t wait any longer. That time, his arrival was not at midnight which was better and he would stay in the country for three weeks. My hair was pretty short and light brown color when we first met. Now, it’s twice the length and dyed it to dark brown. I made sure he won’t see my new hair color because I wanted to surprise him.

I was at the waiting area for an hour before he finally came out. I was wearing sun glasses and tied up my hair. I had my cute long dress on and lose some weight from when we first met. I was wondering if he could recognize me. So, I was slowly walking up to him and trying not to be noticed. But there’s no way he couldn’t recognize me. He yelled my name and ran to me, hugged and kissed me. I was really flattered. From what I could remember, he told me to do those corny stuff on our first meet and it’s just romantic that he did it himself. For a moment, I felt like I was Cinderella. He lifted me as we were hugging and kissing each other while people were watching us like a real life drama.

Watch Video of Long Distance Relationship Part 3 Now!

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