What’s Your Ideal Wife?

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Johnny and Diana were childhood friends and became teenage lovers in high school. They honestly believe in destiny and if they were to be born again, they will choose to be with each other over and over again. Their love to one another is everlasting.

During their financial crisis, it was Diana who only had a job. She was working two jobs 5 days a week and baby sits over the weekends for 2 years. Johnny had a rough time with his career because he got in trouble. He had a car accident and the cops took his license. He was under medication for his bad insomnia and somehow still caused him trouble. He was charged with DUI. And from then, it was a slow progress for him to get back in his feet. Diana never gave up on him. She was always there whether she was or not needed. She took care of the bills and everything else. She never stopped motivating Johnny however he felt like giving up with life and attempted suicide. It was a hard time for both of them but Diana never quit trying.

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After trying for so long, Johnny finally pulled himself together and started working. He got back on track and Diana was a big help for him. He shed tears and told her how thankful he is to have a great partner like her who never stopped believing in him. The lovers thought it was the end of their problems but after a few months, Johnny changed and drove Diana away. Here’s her letter to Johnny.

June 15, 2016


           If you’re reading this letter, I want you to calm down first. I know we’ve been fighting a lot and I had to move out. It’s not that I don’t love you anymore but I think we needed some space. I don’t know exactly how to start my letter for you but please hear me out.

          I remember the old times. We used to be so happy. We cared too much for each other. We laughed together. I wiped out your tears when you’re in trouble and you always had me at your back when you needed me. I never complained of anything for years. We had a rough time with money matters but I stood beside you until we were able to overcome it. Now, we have our own jobs and making good money. It’s understandable that we get busy at our jobs and it’s frustrating at times but honey, you started taking it out on me. I never talked back at you for months until I got fed up. I didn’t want you to be like this or maybe it’s my fault that I never tried to talk to you about how worse you’re becoming. Maybe I didn’t have time to look out for you anymore. Maybe it’s my fault you changed. You treated me as your queen for 5 years but now, it’s slowly changing. You tell me undesirable words whenever. You always lose your temper. You started calling me names and it hurts so much. I cried every night but I didn’t think of giving up until you told me to just be gone. I know I promised you one thing, to be by your side no matter what. I know you didn’t mean what you’ve said to me in every fights we had. However, if things gone so badly and you won’t cooperate, I will have to let go. Maybe you have already changed your mind and you’re sick of being with me. I hope not but you have to let me know. You have been unapproachable for months. You don’t hear me out anymore. What am I supposed to do? You never hit me but your actions and words were already enough. Johnny, I truly love you and it never changed. All you have to do is to be yourself again. You know you’ve been lost. I stayed strong for you over the years and will still be. I just don’t know how to help you this time if you don’t even let me.

          I missed you Johnny. Please help me find you back. I love you.

                                                Sincerely yours,


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They’ve been dating for several years and despite of everything they’ve been through, they were able to sort it out. Johnny resigned from his previous job and now part of the HR Team while Diana is 8th month pregnant and currently on her prenatal leave. She works in a Daycare Center and recently got her Bachelor’s degree. They’re on their late 20’s and now happily engaged. Their wedding will be this year but they haven’t decided the exact date yet. Best wishes to the becoming newlyweds.

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