How Moms Think…

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“As a wife, I don’t just look out for my husband, I secure my children’s health and future too.”

My babies call me Mommy Laura but my students call me Teacher Lauradel. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and a caring wife to my husband. Being a wife and a mother are two different responsibilities. I have to be as reliable as I can for my kids so I can guide them to a better path and a loving wife to fulfill my duties with my husband. That’s how I make my family intact; worry free and peaceful. Like many other moms, I get stressed out and tired too. However, I make sure I keep myself together. No one is perfect they said but there’s nothing wrong with trying. I give my very best with my family to support and protect them just like with my students at school.

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Here’s my daily routine. I wake up at 6’oclock in the morning to prepare breakfast and get my kids ready for school. Prepare them lunches and make sure my husband doesn’t leave any of his valuable stuff before getting off to work too. Then, I clean up and get ready for work. I leave the house at 7:30am. I get to school at around 7:50am. Classes take up to 8 hours and I get off around 5’oclock in the afternoon. I always have a busy day. Weekends are for house cleaning. My daughters are 5 and 10 years old so they’re not much help with chores right now.

There came a time in my life that I felt like giving up on my career as a public school teacher and wanted to be a plain house wife. My eldest daughter almost got hit by a car along the street twice when she was younger and I was at school teaching during those times. What happened was, my husband was tired from work and fell asleep while our daughter was out in the street without his knowledge. She then ran in the middle of the street while a car was approaching in the same direction. The driver was able to pull over as quickly as he could and nothing happened to my daughter. I was thankful from above that my sweet child was safe but I felt so irresponsible because of the incident. I should’ve checked on my daughter before going to my next class. I cut my class and rushed home. I lost my temper with my husband as soon as I saw him and blamed him for it. But in the end, I knew I was at fault too. I could never forgive myself if something happened to my precious little girl but she almost got hit again by another car a month after. That time, I was very mad at the driver. Like, who gets drunk at 6pm? He almost ran over my kid with his car over speeding. I immediately called the cops to arrest him. He was sorry but his apology can never replace my daughter if he hit her. Even if he did not, he still put my kid in danger.

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After those two incidents, I then decided to stay at home. I resigned from my job and worked fulltime as a mom. I was there for my kids 24/7 and never left them out of my sight. A year after of being a housewife, I noticed my husband was always stressed out. He didn’t tell me what was wrong even if I asked him. He had been staying up late and busy thinking of something. I thought it was his job bothering him but it was because our savings were almost gone. I felt bad of spending too much like I used to with groceries and shopping for my kids’ clothes. So I decided to go back to work. My husband didn’t agree with my decision but we need to help each other to keep our family funded.

We hired a sitter to look out for our kids after classes and they’re well-behaved so far. No sneaking out to the street anymore and they know what risk it could bring them. I guess I have to thank the new technology too for making my kids busy after school! I’m finally at relived happy.

Watch Video of How Moms Think Now!

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