Long Distance Relationship Part 4

Watch Video of Long Distance Relationship Part 4 Now!

“Hi, I’m Aimee. I’m from Asia and moved to the United States to be with my lover. I met my husband online and now we’re happily married. No kids yet but we’re planning to have one in the future. Here goes our story.”

“You think I wouldn’t recognize my princess? No matter how hard you try to disguise, you will never be a stranger to me. I know you better than anyone else,” Robert said. I was amazed and just looked at him in the eye. My heart was beating loud. I bumped my head thrice on his chest because maybe I was day dreaming. Then I realized, it’s all surreal. I never thought he will come back for me and be this leveled up romantic guy whom I ever dreamt of.

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We headed straight to my apartment and spent a little cheesy time together then went out for dinner. I was surprised he picked which restaurant we’re going to, which I normally do. He planned everything out for that night. We had a nice meal at the Japanese restaurant. Their tatami room was scented with my favorite flower and a bouquet of roses lying on the table. Things were just as romantic as it seemed. I couldn’t stop smiling with tears in my eyes until he showed me the ring and proposed to me. I stopped for a moment and said “yes”. I had a feeling he was up to something and it exactly happened to when I just thought of it. It was the happiest day of my life.

“I will make you my queen and love you till death,” the most common words yet very precious he ever said to me. My loneliness from the days we’re apart suddenly disappeared. I was so eager to kiss him hard and take him to bed. I missed him and wanted to feel him once again. From that day onwards, I’ve never been lonely anymore. I thought of him flying back to the states but it was not as sad as the first time around. It made me stronger and motivated. Because I believed that the next time we’d be together, we will take it either to the church or judge or whoever would marry us.

We spent two weeks together in the beach like a newlyweds. We had so much fun and made new friends with fellow Asian-American couples we met down there. Their stories were not afar from ours that love will bound us together. In the right place at the right time, we will meet again and be happy like we never had. I was thankful and still am to God for bringing Robert into my life. I have been lost for years because of my past relationship but now, God gave me more than what I wished for.

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With Robert’s remaining days in the country, we got to spend it with my family. We made a big announcement regarding our engagement and threw a party with our family, relatives and friends. My parents cried out of happiness and couldn’t believe I’m becoming a wife soon. They joked around about making a baby as soon as possible and leave my kid to them in exchange of me which suddenly made sad thinking that I’m their only child. I hugged them tight and told them not to worry because everything will be fine. Anyway, we had a wonderful night altogether. The party went well and my parents accepted Robert as officially part of the family.

Three days before Robert’s flight, we spent some time at my parents’ farm alone. We both needed fresh air because we knew he will have to go back soon. He promised to be working on my visa as soon as he can so we won’t have to be apart anymore, no more goodbyes. And he is excited to call me wife and wake up in his arms every morning.

Few days later after Robert left, I went back to work and so was he. We started saving the most we can for when we get married. I remained positive throughout the year and it took us several months to get my visa ready. I spent my remaining months in my hometown with my parents until Robert came back to escort me going to the States.

Watch Video of Long Distance Relationship Part 4 Now!

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