A Beating Husband

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On November 28, 2013, Fiona was rushed in the hospital from multiple injuries. Her husband, Leo, beat her badly and left her unconscious on the living room floor. A concerned neighbor called the cops after hearing loud noises from Fiona’s house. Fiona recovered from her injuries after a month and attended her therapy sessions regularly. Leo spent the following three years in jail and recently got out. Fiona is still traumatized from the incident and can never forgive him. Their divorce papers are still in process and they will be facing the judge soon.

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Fiona and Leo got married in their early 20’s. They used to be a happy couple but couldn’t bear a child. Leo had problems with his testicles and couldn’t reproduce. Fiona was okay with it and it was never been a big deal to them. Although, she thought of adopting a baby a few years later but she was afraid the kid might be endangered because of Leo. He changed a lot but remained short tempered. He’s irritable and unapproachable. He always complained about his job and back pains. He got stressed out about not having sufficient money to support him and his wife. He would take it out on his wife always but had never been arrested. Fiona stayed gentle with him and served him. She’s a fulltime housewife and babysits twice a week. She gets paid from it and would keep the money for her emergency as her husband complains when she touches his money. She would hear her husband complaining about snacks she bought for herself too when they go grocery shopping. She cut off her expenses and only gets a biscuit and a bottled juice. She would get some meat and vegetables but only she wanted to cook for her husband. She doesn’t normally cook as they don’t get much groceries every time.

Leo never heard Fiona complaining about their lifestyle but rather stayed strong despite of how he treated her. She tried to keep the money she gets from babysitting but Leo knew. Whenever he asked it from her, she gives it with no second thoughts. Fiona was broke since she moved in with her husband and never had the chance to hold money while with him. She wanted to work fulltime but only to help her husband with their expenses and never thought about her own needs. However, she struggled with getting a job because of few vacancies and they lived in a small town. She was stuck for 2 years.

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She never stopped looking for jobs through online and finally found something she’s capable of. Few days later, she was interviewed and got hired. She started working in a bank fulltime and making good money. She worked at night shift and gets home around 3am. She hardly saw her husband from then and not much luck with quality time either on a weekend. After several months, she was transferred to a dayshift which works for her better. Leo didn’t know about her work hours changing and Fiona was going to surprise him until she caught Leo in their room video calling with another woman. They were both naked and doing something else. Fiona got so mad and she had enough. She heard him talking to somebody else a couple times but she ignored it. She thought that it was just nothing. Fiona and Leo got into a big fight. He treated her like an animal and punched her in the face and stomach, kicked her in the head, pulled and pushed her corners to corners and left her lying on the floor when he was done.

Natalie, Fiona’s neighbor and friend, called the cops as soon as she heard Fiona crying and begging Leo to stop. The police officers arrived right away and arrested Leo. Fiona had serious cuts on her head, her left arm was dislocated and bruises all over her face and body. She was rushed to the hospital and her surgery went well. Her parents had no idea what was going on with her marriage until they came to see her in the hospital. Fiona never talked back against Leo to anybody because she loved him. Not even with her parents. Fiona had night mares every night while at the hospital and traumatized from what happened for quite some time.

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Fiona went back to her parents’ house and lives there until now. Her previous job rehired and relocated her to one of their branches in her hometown. She’s now taking classes for Business Administration and turning 28 soon.

“I thought it was the end of my life but God is good. He saved me from the monster.”


Watch Video of A Beating Husband Now!


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