True Love

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I met a girl from school and her name is Jane. She’s adorable, sweet, and smart. Her beautiful soul makes her perfect. Most students admired her just like I did. I wanted to approach her several times but I couldn’t. Something was holding me back and I couldn’t get near her. She’s like too precious to be friends with a guy like me. I was a bully but coward in real life. She became my inspiration. I started being good with other students, improved on my grades and joined the football team until I graduated in high school.

I would be writing her poems, letters and songs everyday but I never sent it. I doubted she would even read them. After graduating in our senior high, we went to the same school in college. I was still a coward and never approached her. There were times she walked in front of me but I never talked to her, not even a simple “hi”. She would looked at me though and smile but I know that’s just the way she is. She smiles to everybody. However, she motivated me although she didn’t know I even exist.

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One day, I saw Jane in a pet store. I greeted her and tried my way in to have a little talk. She couldn’t believe that we would see each other again after high school and college. She remembered me and I was overwhelmed. So I asked her to go out with me for a dinner. Since that day, I wasn’t afraid of what she may think of me anymore.

As I was preparing for our dinner, I thought of bringing the poems I made for her but it’s a little early to show her. I picked her up from her parent’s house and we went to a steak restaurant. The dinner went great and I asked her if we could go out again sometime and she was okay with it. We went out few times and had fun together. We talked a lot about our high school and college experiences. She worked in a bank after college and I went to an engineering firm. We went from good friends to best friends and to dating. I never thought the day would come and she would love me. I was the happiest man on earth.

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A few years later, I asked her to marry me. We built a small house 10 miles away from her parent’s before we got married. We did the wedding in the church and had the reception at our house. I honestly couldn’t believe it happened. She was just a dream until everything became real. I love her to death. Two years later after the wedding, she gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Lori. Jane quit working and became a full time loving wife and a mother.

We spent the rest of our lives full of love and hope. We grew old together until Jane passed away in 2014. She died from cancer and it was hard to let her go. Jane is the love of my life and will always be. I couldn’t imagine myself being with another woman if not Jane.

-Troy Khastanov

Watch Video of True Love Now!

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