Jealous Girlfriend Part 1

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Me: Hey Paul. What’s up? Do you still remember when I asked you about your girlfriend? Can you tell me more about her?

Paul: She’s crazy.

Me: That’s it?

Paul: Yeah.

Me: Lol. C’mon man. There’s gotta be something.

Paul: Whenever people ask me to describe my girl, crazy fits her the best.She gets jealous all the time. When did coming home late became a big deal? She overreacts and starts a fight with me. It’s not like I’m hitting on anybody at work because I work with men everyday. I just don’t understand her sometimes. If it has something to do with trust, I guarantee her, I haven’t done anything wrong to make her distrust me. Maybe it’s because of her past relationships or something else. But, I love her. Despite of her attitude at times, it never came across my mind to break up with her. She’s an angel in most aspects.

Basically, we live together. She moved in my apartment two years ago and we’ve been in a relationship for three years now. She goes wherever I go, checks my phone and laptop whenever I take my showers and always beside me when I’m using my phone. It’s only when I’m at work that she’s not around but she would still spy on me. She knows my email and Facebook passwords. She checks my google history from time to time, emails and Facebook messages. Why would she be doing that? I have been faithful to her. I changed my passwords one time and it freaked her out. She started being suspicious then accused me of cheating on her.

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Whenever she sees  me watching a YouTube video and it’s a girl hosting it, she would get mad. She gets upset whenever I’m driving and suddenly noticed a chick passing by too. It’s not like I’m going to hit on her. Her eyes are always on me. When she sees a girl’s name I searched to whether google or Facebook, she flips out without confirming who it was. I get the point of being protective to our relationship but it’s just too much. I don’t need her to be like this. I want her to change and stop acting distrustful because she’s just hurting our relationship with every fights she’s bringing. I want to come home and relax, go to bed peacefully and eat meals together. But whenever she’s mad about something, we don’t do these things. She sends me out of the room and make me sleep on the couch, she won’t talk to me in two days, and won’t make me lunches. It’s been three years and it hasn’t changed. I tried talking to her about it and she always give me three reasons, “she needs to know what I’m doing, whom I’m talking to and if I am going to or not cheat on her.”

Paul: You feel me?

Me: …

Paul: Just like I thought.

Watch Video of Jealous Girlfriend Part 1 Now


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