Wedding Tips

Where do you want to get married?

wed1Church Wedding

It is the most popular and sacred way of performing the wedding especially when the couple comes from a religious family. People believed that when marriage is performed in the church, the couple will receive more gifts from above along their way. God shall grant them love and happiness til death do their part.

Venusvi Silvery Wedding Hair Combs with Bead and Rhinestones – Bridal Headpiece for Bridesmaids(silver(silvery)

wed2Garden Wedding

It is known to be the most romantic type of wedding. Having it in the proper place, it will make your wedding looking like a fairy tale. Either a pastor or a judge can marry the couple. This type of wedding can be expensive depends on your wedding plans and ideas. Renting a place which looks like a paradise is expensive itself plus the extras. 

Nina White Strapless Beach Wedding Prom Bridal Chiffon Ruffle Dress 023-14

wed.jpgBeach Wedding

It is known to be the idealistic type of wedding. Performing the wedding before the dawn with the sunset effect is most likely the idea of having this wedding. The wind breeze and the ocean sound adds up to it too. It seems very romantic  and can either be married by a pastor or a judge. This can be just as expensive as the garden wedding depending on your wedding plans and materials to be used.


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