My Cheating Ex’s Ex is my Best friend

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How did I meet my best friend? Simple. She stole my ex-boyfriend from me. My ex cheated on me with her. Funny thing is, they didn’t last either. My ex cheated on her too after dating for six months. That’s how we began seeing each other until we became friends. It’s awkward at first but now it’s like nothing happened. We laugh at it whenever we remember it..

I was in senior high school when I met my ex. We were classmates and dated for a year. We were just like other typical teenager couples. We do fun things together, get angry over simple stuff, not so matured in handling a relationship and we had no privacy with each other’s phones. Both of us would be checking our phones and delete every girl’s numbers on his and guy’s on mine because we didn’t want either of us to be texting with somebody else. See, that’s what I’m talking about. We were immature and didn’t even know what sex is and we never did it anyway. We just loved the feeling of having somebody always beside you, share things with you, accompany you wherever you go and be there for you when you are in need. More like of a best friend thing.

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I was a varsity at school for the Volleyball Team and he was always there to support me in every tournaments I joined. He was my cheerleader back in the day. That’s the only thing I’d never forget about him. We were happy together but get jealous over nonsense. My parents happened to meet him too while we were out in the mall browsing for clothes. They saw us holding hands together and gave us a creepy look at first but then smiled after. My parents liked him because they find him as a good person. Whenever my ex sees mom, his flowery mouth touches my Mom’s soft side. He’s a sweet talker. That’s how he retained his good relationship with my parents which I don’t disagree. I’m actually friends with him now too.

A month after our anniversary, he went to the club with friends. He was drunk and got laid with another girl he met there. When I found it out, it devastated me. I was wondering if only I have given him the thing he needed, he wouldn’t have done it. On the other hand, he was not the right guy at all. He didn’t wait for the right time to come. I was relieved a few months after and was ready to start another relationship but it wasn’t my interest at that moment.

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Two months later, I heard from a friend that my ex was already dating someone else. It was the girl he met at the bar. Her name is Julia. It didn’t bother me. My studies were more important than anything else and can’t be disturbed. They dated for six months until my ex did the same thing to her. He had intercourse with another girl when he got drunk again. The third girl unfortunately got pregnant and Julia finally broke up with him. Then, Julia started talking to me after they broke up. She apologized for when my ex cheated on me with her. She was basically feeling the same pain as to what I felt before. I still hated her in our first official meet but we can’t change the past. I accepted her apology.

We started hanging out since then up to present. She’s a good friend. She’s sweet, caring and funny however she swears a lot. I understand how my ex fell in loved with her. She’s a good person. We shared the same apartment until we graduated in college. We made a lot of memories together. I couldn’t believe she would happen to be my best friend despite of how we met each other. Maybe it’s really meant to happen that way. $50 Gift Card in a White Gift Box (Classic White Card Design)

Julia was always there for me. We cried on each other’s shoulders through bad times, helped each other in every trials we encountered, and motivated one another to finish college. I didn’t need a boyfriend to keep me hanging although Julia had several exes before we graduated. Julia was already enough to help me get through things I was struggling with. I appreciate the love and comfort she provided me. She treated me like her own sister and I’ll treasure that forever. She never let me down and I can still count on her whenever I’m in need. Our friendship is priceless and she’s one great friend.

Watch Video of My Cheating Ex’s Ex is my Best Friend Now!


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