Jealous Girlfriend Part 2

Watch Videos of Jealous Girlfriend Part 2 Now!

Me: Paul?

Paul: Yea?

Me: Sorry about your girlfriend. She seems nice though.

Paul: She is nice. Just crazy at times.

Me: Have you talked to her yet?

Paul: I wanted to talk to her so bad about it but no matter how hard I try to explain it to her, she doesn’t seem to get my point. She wanted to do it her way which is so unfair. I wanted her to be my future wife. I still do. She’s the woman of my dreams. It’s just her insecurities that are driving me nuts. I’m still looking forward to changing her mindset one day because I can’t marry her until she is confident about herself.

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I’m already planning to propose to her but I will wait until she changes her mind into fully entrusting me her future with no doubts. I had already picked the date and venue for my proposal. It would be on our 4th anniversary and in our favorite spot and the location of our first date. I envisioned how she would love it. She never forgets the dates and places that are important to us and our relationship. She would will likely cry. Just like whenever I surprise her, she cries. She appreciates big and small things alike, especially when it comes from the heart. Money was never an issue to her. I don’t make a lot of money right now and yet she still wants to be with me.

I can’t leave her no matter how hard she makes things sometimes because she’s the only person who appreciates me this much and I  know she’ll be a good mother to my kids. She knows how to take care of stuff and is a very neat person. She makes things perfect this is why maybe she keeps checking on me to make sure our relationship is stable but it’s going too far. When will she realize that? I won’t give up on her though. I need her just as much as she needed an understanding man like me. Nobody else can put up with her except me.

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As far as I can recall, we haven’t fought this week. I think things are starting to sink in with her. She doesn’t check my web histories as much as before. I hope it stays this way because it’s a relief for me and for her to stop worrying about things going wrong.

Paul:  I’ll keep you posted if something comes up.

Me: Oh wow. I don’t really know what to say but it’s good that she’s starting to get it. I mean, she loves you and you love her just as much. Hang in there man. Everything’s gonna be fine. Don’t forget to invite me on your wedding! Peace.

Watch Videos of Jealous Girlfriend Part 2 Now!


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