Culture Vs Love

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This story is about Xu and Joe who had been dating for a couple years before their relationship had come to an end because of cultural differences. Joe is a Filipino and Xu is a Chinese girl. Xu’s family never agreed with their relationship because Joe isn’t Chinese and still practiced their tradition where they already chose a Chinese man to marry Xu. It was a devastating moment for both Joe and Xu when she broke up with him and got engaged to a Chinese man.

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In 2000, Xu and Joe were both nursing students at Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines. They were classmates and became study partners on their 3rd year level. It was where the romance began. On December 20, 2003, Joe admitted his feelings to Xu. He feared of losing her as a friend and would turn him down. Xu didn’t message him or call him in the next five days. Surprisingly, on Christmas day, Xu decided to meet him at the cafe and told him, she felt the same way too. However, Xu couldn’t announce their relationship to her family because they came from different cultures. She knew what was going to happen if she told her family about the relationship. Her parents would only disapprove it. Xu hid it for years from her family until Xu and Joe finished their studies.

On Chinese new year in 2010, Hyun, Xu’s sister, followed Xu as she was rushing to go somewhere. She followed her in a restaurant and felt dismayed as she saw Joe kissing Xu as they met. Hyun was supposed to surprise Xu about her wedding arrangements with another Chinese man that their parents had pre-arranged. Hyun witnessed Joe giving Xu a diamond ring as if he was proposing to Xu. Hyun left with no trace. On Xu’s way home, Hyun cornered her outside their house’s gate. She confessed to her what she saw and explained to her about her wedding arrangements. She was persistent in telling their parents about what Hyun had witnessed but Xu begged her not to. Xu revelead everything about her and Joe’s relationship to Hyun. She told her how happy she was to be with Joe. Fortunately, Hyun condoned her hiding it from their parents. They were sisters and supposed to be a team. Hyun admired her sister for following her heart but was disappointed in her for disobeying their parents.

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Xu thought her parents would finally accept Joe as her future husband after they became doctors. She made an announcement about their engagement to her family. Xu’s dad threw his wine glass and got upset. He spoke in Chinese telling Xu to end their relationship as soon as possible as her wedding to another Chinese man was already arranged. Xu couldn’t believe that her parents still made arrangements with another Chinese man despite the hard work that she applied to earning her degree. Xu believed that if Joe was a doctor, her parents would accept him. Knowing that Joe can bring good income into their family when they got married. They would both have a prosperous living with their professions. Xu’s parents were discontent and ordered Joe to stay away from her. Despite the insults that Joe heard, he didn’t leave but told them about his feelings for their daughter instead. It provoked them and made things worst. Xu’s dad had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital.

A few days later, Xu’s dad was getting better and he took the opportunity  to have a serious discussion with Xu. He revealed to Xu why she has to marry the Chinese man instead of Joe. It had something to do with their family business and of course, their tradition. The Chinese man is their only chance for the salvation of their livelihood by merging their companies together. On the other hand, Joe isn’t poor. He came from a business oriented family also. They owned a construction company however it wasn’t as profitable as the industry that Xu’s family was into. Sadly, Xu accepted his dad’s proposal. She had to break up with Joe to marry the Chinese man.

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From then on, Xu was never as happy as before. She felt like her life was controlled and never had a choice in her own happiness. She was able to obtain a successful career path in becoming a doctor which was her parent’s choice. She had to do it because so she would be useful for their family owned hospital. This is why she encouraged Joe to become one too. For when they got married, they could both work for the hospital. But things, didn’t go as planned. Destiny contradicted her desires. It was her only desire to be with the person she loved most… and that’s Joe.

Watch Video of Culture Vs Love Now!


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