The Bartender

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I used to be a player. I dated a lot of girls, had sex with them then dumped them in a week or two. I didn’t believe in neither true love nor destiny. It didn’t make sense to me as I grew up in a broken family. My father divorced my mother and got remarried with to another woman. However, my father and his second wife had been sexually involved with each other since my father was still married to my mother. Basically, he cheated on my mother and chose his mistress over us. He left my mom and I when I was only 3 years old and never contacted us ever since. I didn’t know where he was and had no interest in knowing. Two years ago, I was in the same situation as my parents. I had a girlfriend but I fell in love with another woman. Nonetheless, the other woman I fantasized about was married.

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I was happy with my girlfriend, Gina. For the first time in my life, my views on relationships had changed. Gina showed me what real love was and gave me hope of having a successful marriage one day. She was very nice and caring so I had no reason to cheat on her. She was very far from the other girls I had dated before. She graduated in a nursing school but for some reason she didn’t work as a nurse. She never got the chance to practice it but worked for a call center company instead. Although, she worked as a manager. I wanted her to never stop chasing her dreams to become a doctor one day but she was discouraged and gave it up. She tried applying in different hospitals as a nurse but never got employed. As a partner, all I wanted was the best for my girl. I remained positive and kept pushing her to try it again.

I worked as a bartender in a club. It was where I met a bunch of girls. Most of them were heart broken, separated and party girls. I had several relationships with divorced women. I dated party girls too but ended them quickly. And with most heartbroken girls I met I just had a one night stand and never contacted them again. I was up to date with my monthly check-ups and always had a condom in my pocket. People would say: “Before you attack her, wrap your whacker”.  I didn’t wear condoms when having intercourse with Gina because I knew she was disease free. I met her in a club. She was accompanying her friend, Lorie, who was heartbroken and Gina was there to comfort her. I had a one night stand with her friend Lorie but she never mentioned it to Gina. Afterwards it was always an awkward situation whenever the three of us would hang out.

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Gina and I dated for almost five years. We had our ups and downs and temptations were around me at work but I controlled myself around the pretty faces. I stopped messing around with other girls since our first anniversary. I thought Gina was the love of my life but I met another girl at the club. Her name is Rhonda. She was crying when I met her. Rhonda had troubles with her marriage because she thought her husband was falling out of love with her. Her husband didn’t have time for her anymore as he was busy with his job. He traveled abroad twice a month and only stayed home for three days in between his trips. Rhonda became suspicious with her husband as she witnessed him in a restaurant with another woman one night. Since then, they never had a romantic moment again and their marriage was falling apart. They used to be a sweet couple and their love to one another was unbreakable. They didn’t have a kid and never planned on having one. They were fine having each other as sidekicks.

As soon as I met Rhonda, I had already adored her. Her beauty overtook me that night. We talked for a bit as I bought her a drink and told her I would pay for her bill. I sat beside her and listened to her anecdotes. I wanted to help her feel better. Since then, we were always in contact with each other and went out for a dinner a couple times. She always came to the club to see me and stayed there until my shift was over. I thought it was only a friendship that we had but it was not. I hated to admit it in myself that I was already falling in love with her and being unfaithful to my girlfriend but it felt amazing whenever I was with Rhonda. Gina never discovered it and I felt bad. I couldn’t let go of Gina either while I was with Rhonda. Moreover, Rhonda knew about my relationship with Gina and she respected it. I didn’t come home to my girlfriend one time and spent the night with Rhonda. We had an amazing night and we enjoyed it. We didn’t have regrets and wanted to do it again. It was not just an ordinary night we had, there was love and joy intertwined with it. We had sex numerous times but what we were doing was totally wrong. Rhonda was married and I had a girlfriend.

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I was confused with my feelings at that moment. I didn’t know which one of them I should really be with. Considering the situation in which Rhonda was already married, I’d be in favor of Gina but Rhonda was something to me. Gina was my girlfriend and I loved her but being with Rhonda made me felt alive. I didn’t want to lose any of them but I would have to decide or I would lose them both. One day, I got Rhonda pregnant. We were excited about it. She told me, if she would be asked to choose whether to or not have a kid, she would rather have a kid because a home needs a child to complete it. I didn’t think of having protected sex with her because I knew she only had sex with me when we were together. Not even with her husband but she was worried her husband would find out. I attempted several times to talk to Gina about the situation but every time I tried to, she would cut me off. Rhonda never told to me that she would leave her husband for me so the scenario didn’t even come into play.

I was gone for a week to think about the situation thoroughly. I went to an isolated island and spent the week there alone. I had no communications to Rhonda or Gina because there was no signal in the area which was favorable to me. After being away for a week, I didn’t realize that Rhonda would go to my girlfriend’s house and look for me. This how the truth came out. Rhonda confessed to Gina about our affair and that she was pregnant. Gina couldn’t believe it happened and asked Rhonda to leave. I tried to explain it to Gina as soon as I got back home but she didn’t listen to me, packed my things and kicked me out of the house. It broke my heart and I already knew which one I wanted to be with. I told Gina that I chose to be with her over Rhonda even if Rhonda was pregnant but it was ineffective. I couldn’t let Rhonda’s pregnancy dictate what I desired. From then, I cut off my relationship with Rhonda but told her not to abort the baby. Our only problem was, how to explain it to her husband. Rhonda didn’t call me back or come to see me for a month. So, I called her friend to ask how she was doing. I found out that she was rushed to a hospital after aborting our child in their house alone. Her friend immediately drove to their house as soon as Rhonda called begging to her aid after aborting the fetus.  Rhonda was regretful for what she had done. She told her husband about our affair a month later. Of course, her husband was upset but Rhonda had her reasons. From then, Rhonda never talked to me again and I heard she was still married to her husband.


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I tried everything to win Gina back for a year. I sent her flowers at her work every day but she threw them away. I called her phone but she never answered. I waited outside her house every time she got off from work but she just ignored me. I followed her like a stalker but she pretended like she never saw me, and a lot more. After trying so hard, she finally accepted my apology and we started over. It took me some time to rebuild her trust and I know I deserved it. She meant everything to me so I did whatever it took. We’re happily engaged now. I had learned my lessons.


“I never realized how much Gina meant to me until I lost her. I needed her more than anything else in this world because I love her.”

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