The Lioness

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On July 26, 1977, a precious little girl was born. Her parents named her Lauren and she weighed 7 lbs.  She was a healthy and beautiful baby. She was the only child the couple had and they provided everything she needed. She couldn’t be called a ‘spoiled brat’ as she was strictly following her parent’s demands. As she was growing up, her parents were overprotective. She only ate healthy food and was adamant about sanitation. She could not be friends with just anybody unless her parents said so. She was always dressed nicely and appropriately. Her parents would bring her to exclusive events where only politicians and well-known people around their town could attend. She learned to socialize the wealthy way and people expected more from her as she was the daughter of somebody who had an extraordinary role in their town. But, it was a tiring role for her as she wanted to have a simple life. She feared disappointing the people who were counting on her someday as she believed that she couldn’t make great accomplishments like her parents did.

Two years after she graduated in college, she was expected to work for the family business and would take it over someday. But she was dismayed as she wanted to build her own empire through hard work and dedication. She didn’t want to bypass hard work but wanted to start from scratch instead. Her parents ignored her desires and appointed her as the new manager. She didn’t have a choice but to obey her parents. She worked as a manager for a year but she didn’t seem to enjoy what she was doing. So she asked her parents to provide her capital as she was planning to buy a franchise from one of these promising fast food chains around their area. Her parents couldn’t believe that she would rather promote processed food than the fresh food which she always had eaten and what her family’s business was into. She knew her parents would not agree but she had no ill intentions. She did not dream of what her future would become as she had plans for herself. So she left to find herself.

She went to Greece to take her mind off of reality. She wanted to become a writer and a photographer. She took pictures of everything she discovered in Greece and published a story about it. However, she realized nobody noticed her first story but she thought that it was only the beginning. She had fun in Greece as it was one of the most beautiful countries in the world. People were kind and hospitable. Their food was appetizing too. After her expedition in Greece, she then went to Spain. She did the same thing. She took pictures and published another story. She stayed for another week in Barcelona as she wanted to explore more. Then next country she visited was France. She loved Paris. She found all kinds of interesting stuff there. She tried things that tourists typically do when they get to Paris. She thought about finding love but she didn’t find anything serious. So she went to Italy to see and experience what the country had. She was amazed by the medieval icons and places she witnessed. She stayed in Venice. It was where she finally found the love of her life. His name is Anthony. He was not from Venice and was also visiting the place at that moment.

Lauren was amazed by what she discovered at the Vatican Museum. As she flipped around to see tapestries on the wall, she densely bumped into Anthony’s chest. She stuttered and felt embarrassed. Anthony asked if she was okay and apologized because he was not paying attention to his surroundings. Lauren told him that she was okay and not to worry about it. Then, Anthony asked if she was alone as he noticed she was not from Venice and a tourist as well. After a stroll around the museum, they went to a café. They talked and had fun. Anthony escorted Lauren on her way back to the hotel and realized they were staying in the same hotel. They laughed and called each other ‘stalkers’ at the same time which brought them into more laughter.

On the next day, Anthony waited for Lauren to come out from her room as he wanted to invite her for breakfast downtown. But she had already left early in the morning to exercise as it was her daily morning routine. After an hour of waiting, Anthony went back to his room and waited for another 3 hours to invite Lauren for lunch. He accidentally saw Lauren in the hallway while she was on her way out to visit the cathedral. He told Lauren that he would go with her and was wondering if she wanted to grab lunch with him. Loren thought it was sweet and so they went out together. They became friends and started going out together throughout their short stay in Venice. After a week, Lauren thought of visiting Berlin and asked Anthony if he wanted to go with her. However, Anthony had only come to see Venice and had to go back for work. It was a sad moment for both of them as they had to say goodbye. Anthony gave his address to Lauren in case she ever wanted want to shoot him a letter.

After Lauren’s tour in Germany, she finally came back home. Her parents were so mad at her because they thought that she was slacking from her responsibilities. Lauren finally told them what she wanted but her parents disapproved of it. Her parents told her to go back to work as she already spent more than enough of her leave credits and that she wouldn’t get paid for the next 3 months. She went back to work but was still frustrated with the situation. She remembered that Anthony gave her his address. She never looked it up until the day she remembered it. She was surprised as she found out that he lived 5 hours away from her. She went to visit him and Anthony was happy to see her. They couldn’t believe that they met in Venice as they lived not so far from each other. Anthony then thought that she was maybe destined for him as they would never meet again if they were not. From then on, Anthony and Lauren were secretly seeing each other. It was after a year before Lauren’s parents learned about their relationship as her father sent somebody to follow her. Her dad was extremely mad with her when he found it out. He couldn’t believe that their daughter would date a guy who had no stable career. They were expecting her to choose a desirable man to date. Loren fought for her love and it left her penniless. She resigned at her job and her parents cut off their support for her. They removed her name from the company and she would never get anything from it.

Since then, Lauren learned to live simple. She struggled with life as she encountered criticisms from people whom loved her except for Anthony. He stood beside her and they fought together. They moved out of the city where Anthony lived as people started attacking them. He was fired from his previous job because of Lauren’s dad’s doings. Even Lauren couldn’t get a job and she felt like it was her fault that Anthony had to live that way because of her. Anthony never abandoned Lauren as he loved her just as much. They moved to the other side of the country where people didn’t know them. Lauren never contacted her parents again as she knew they would make her suffer leaving her with no option but to return to them and reconcile. She had enough of being told what to do and was dedicated to move on and build her own career as a writer and a photographer. One day, she visited a tattoo shop. She got a lion tattoo on her back as it symbolizes braveness and fearlessness. She believed that she was a lioness and every trial that she encountered, she would fight back and would never give up. She applied for dozens of jobs until she was finally hired by a broadcasting company.

She started as a local news columnist. It was an exciting job for her as she went to live events whether it was or was not dangerous just to get a scoop on the story. One time, she was asked to write a feature story presenting the hotels and restaurants owned by her parents. Her boss didn’t know that she was the owner’s daughter as Lauren was secretive with her life story to her colleagues. She didn’t want to see her parents again and didn’t want them to know where she was. She told her boss that she couldn’t do it and would just cover another story instead. Her boss was intrigued by what her reasons were for turning down the story. But Lauren remained quiet and never told him the truth. Her boss then sent another reporter to interview the owners. Later in the interview, Lauren’s name was acknowledged by her parents as they were worried about her and where she was and asked her to come home. However, Lauren was determined to accomplish what she started before she could face her parents again. And when they were ready to accept Anthony and their marriage, only then would she consider reconciliation.

She strived hard to meet her goals and worked with several companies where she thought she could grow her career. She then became a live news reporter on television. She published thousands of copies of her stories about the different countries she visited as well as a biography on her own life story. Her stories were distinguished and her readers were amused by her love story. Every story she published sold out and the public demanded for more. She became a popular writer and a famous photographer. She left news casting after she published her second story. Anthony was very proud of her and was finally accepted by her parents. Anthony became her partner in their own publishing company and her co-photographer.

Watch Video of The Lioness Now!


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