Tips for a Happy Relationship

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  1. Don’t cheat.

  2. Love him/her like nobody else could.

  3. Make every moments special.

  4. Treat him/her the best you can.

  5. Never hit your girlfriend.

  6. Never doubt your partner. 

  7. Don’t take out your stress on him/her. 

  8. Comfort your partner. You’ll know when you have to.

  9. Understand his/her situation. Don’t be selfish.

  10. Always  believe in him/her that he/she can do it.

  11. You have to be strong for him/her in any situation.

  12. Always respect your partner and his/her parents too.

  13. Having his/her parents at your side is a plus.

  14. When something goes wrong, talk about it in a calm way. There’s no need to yell at each other. Be an adult.

  15. Give each other’s privacy. You don’t own him/her.

  16. Always wish for his/her happiness.

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Dating Stage

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Dating Stage is where your relationship gets more intense with your partner. It is the most exciting part among the relationship stages.

Some couples explore new things about a man and a woman and it’s irresistible. It is normal to have an intercourse with your partner as long as you are both in the right age but be cautious. Some people preserve it until marriage. They find sex as sacred as marriage itself. You will know more about your partner during this stage especially the good side and bad side of him/her.

Some relationships succeed and bring it to the next level but some don’t for some instances. This stage of relationship will let you know if you are compatible with each other or not.

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Watch Video of Dating Stage Now!

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