The Love of my Life

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“God, thank you for giving me the best parents ever!” It was what I always told Him before I would go to bed when I was a kid. My parents were great but a little overprotective when it comes to relationships. My mom was a conservative woman. She always made me change my clothes whenever I wore low-cut tops and would tell me, “wrap the gift, you don’t have to show off”. And my dad was like my ultimate stalker. He followed me wherever I went and picked me up from school even before my curfew. He was a real party-pooper as he always showed up whenever I was out with my girls at night or at a friend’s house. Since then, I couldn’t wait to turn 18. I wanted to have fun and enjoy my youthful days but it felt as if God had forbidden me to do so.

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After high school, I moved out from the house and stayed in a college dormitory with my best friend. It was eight hours away from home. Finally, I was on my own but my mom reminded me about the ground rules we had at home that I had to strictly follow whether I was or wasn’t living in the house. Gladly it was a joke because I was looking forward to having fun in my college days. But, I was determined to finish my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. A few months later, I met a guy. His name is Gabriel but I go by his nickname. I was fascinated by how Gab played his violin at a restaurant. He was a music artist and a violinist at night. He composed his own songs and recorded it at his friend’s studio.

I called it ‘love at first’ sight when I saw Gab. He was charming and a gentleman.  His music captured my attention as soon as I entered the restaurant’s door. I couldn’t resist looking at him while my girlfriend was conversing with me. I was mesmerized then realized my friend was asking me a question that interrupted my fantasies. Then my friend noticed my actions and immediately grabbed Gab’s attention after his set. She invited him to our table to meet me. I was embarrassed but I wouldn’t miss the chance either. We exchanged phone numbers and from then, we started going out. We always went to a quiet place. I thought it was because of his music genre that encouraged him to go in a solemn place rather than hanging out in a bar as we were still young at that time. I was not really a party girl but I liked the idea of going to loud clubs sometimes. It was then I realized that he was a different kind of a guy. He was classic in a way that his manners were old-fashioned when courting a girl. He had spoken deep affectionate words to me that I myself couldn’t even understand. It came from him naturally and romanced me. He liked classical music as well. He was an interesting guy to date and I didn’t have second thoughts about it.

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 We dated for two years. I was hesitant to introduce him to my parents while I was still studying because I knew they would tell us to split up. One day, we almost got caught up by my parents. Gab was in my room and we were having a little quality time together. My parents surprised me with a visit and I was only wearing my tank top and underwear by the time they began knocking on the door. So, I pushed Gab into my closet and covered him with my clothes just in case my mom would check it. Then changed into my pants and opened the door. I immediately invited my parents for lunch so Gab could get out. Luckily, my parents were hungry so we left right away. I knew my mom. She would inspect my room if we stayed there longer. After we had lunch, we went back to the dormitory. Gab was gone but he left his jacket. My mom asked me whose jacket it was and I was a bit shaky when I answered her. My mom was getting suspicious. She didn’t believe that it was my roommate’s.  I couldn’t think of any better idea at that moment. She started ranting about my priorities. All she wanted was for me to obtain my bachelor’s degree and not get caught up in distractions. I was not a good liar so I admitted I had been seeing somebody. I was thinking if my parents met Gab, they would have let us keep dating. But, I chose not to as I was scared of what my parents would tell him. I didn’t want him to get offended. From then on, my parents called me every night checking on what I was doing and to make sure I was concentrating to my studies. They would call in the middle of the day which was embarrassing as I was either with my friends or with Gab. I explained to Gab why I must hide our relationship to my parents which he fully understood. We limited our hours together because I had to focus more on my studies. I noticed that I was already falling behind in my classes.

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One day, my professor advised me to see her after class. I failed two of my classes. They were my major subjects and pre-requisites for my upcoming classes that I was supposed to attend in the next semester. I had no clue how to confess it to my parents as they were paying the rest for my college and were giving me allowances. They would surely get upset and maybe cut off financing me. I wasn’t on the dean’s list anymore so the school removed my scholarship. I started to worry about paying 100% of my tuition fees which I couldn’t afford. I had no idea where or how to come up with the money every semester unless I asked my parents to pay for it.

On the first day of my short break, my parents arrived to bring me home and spend some time with them. I thought they had no idea what I was going on but the dean already informed them about my situation. As we arrived home, my parents asked me why I failed. I told them I did my best and was not slacking on my studies but it was not good enough. They told me that I could have done better if I didn’t get distracted by being in a relationship. They demanded me to transfer to my hometown and picked one of the schools around there. I didn’t agree with it and asked them for another chance. I couldn’t leave my school because of Gab. He motivated me but I was being stubborn and went out to see him perform every night instead of studying. However, my parents were not fine with paying my tuition unless I transferred. I didn’t want to take a break from school either because who knows what would happen to me in the future if I stopped and resumed later.

I had been thinking of what my parents had told me for quite a while. I finally agreed with their terms. I transferred to one of the schools nearby to resume my studies. I explained everything to Gab when I got back in my dormitory to pick up my stuff. I could tell how sad and disappointed he was. But there was no other option for me unless I stopped and worked around there so I could stay with him. But what would our life be if we were both making minimum wages. We wouldn’t be able to afford to move in together unless we stayed at his mother’s home.

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A few months later, I was getting the hang of a long distance relationship situation. We still talked over the phone which my parents disapproved of. Gab would sometimes make a trip to my hometown to see me. We met at least once a month over the weekends. I hid it from my parents as they wanted me to concentrate on my studies and it was my last hope to graduate. One day, I handed my transcript to my parents and they were frustrated with my grades. I passed but my grades were only at .1% above the passing rate. My parents expected more from me as I have always been intellectually inclined. So what they did was, they cut off my phone subscription and grounded me over the weekends. They wanted me to focus more on the upcoming semester. I had not called or texted Gab the following days and he was worried sick about me. He suddenly showed up in the front of the house to see me. My mom told me to stay inside and let my dad deal with him. I had no clue what my dad had told Gab but from then on, he never showed up again.

On my graduation day, I was expecting one person to show up and celebrate my special day with me. I tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. It hurt that I didn’t get to see him for a year but I never stopped loving him. As soon as I got my phone back months before my graduation, I tried calling him but he never answered. My parents threw a party in the house for my graduation but it was no fun for me as I was waiting for only one person, which was Gab. He never showed up but sent me a graduation letter rather. In his letter, he expressed his feelings of how happy he was that my dreams finally came true and I would be able to take care of myself. But, he already had moved on a long while ago and started seeing someone else to keep the pain away. He mentioned what my dad told him. My dad asked him to stay away from me and to never come back or he would call the cops. He also added that I didn’t need a musician who had no directions in life because he wouldn’t be able to support me by just performing in a restaurant every night. After reading his letter, I was so angry at my dad and made it obvious to him. But his answers were, “I did what I know was right. If you stay with him, do you think you would be able to graduate? What would your life be? I did my part as a dad and what I knew what was best for my child. You have already gotten a degree. Now you’re free to go and start your own life without making us, your parents, worried thinking about how you would build your life if you haven’t finished school. These days, even a decent job can’t pull in good money. How would you afford to live with him if your options were limited in getting a job? I don’t want you to be miserable in the end so I had to take my chances in guiding you on the right path.”

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From then on, I never dated anybody else. I always thought about Gab and never once forgot about him. I went to see him once but he didn’t live there anymore. He moved abroad as I discovered from a former friend of his. I was happy of what music led him into especially that it was his greatest dream to perform on a big stage in front of many people. He had gotten popular even on the social media as well as on the television. I have never seen Gab since then but I hope he is doing just fine.


Meanwhile, I moved to the other side of the country and stayed busy with work. I’m currently working in a marketing company as a manager. I finally got the job I wanted and a growing career but my love life is not as fruitful. Until now, I’m still waiting for the day to come where our paths shall meet again because Gab will always be the love of my life.

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Jealous Girlfriend Part 2

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Me: Paul?

Paul: Yea?

Me: Sorry about your girlfriend. She seems nice though.

Paul: She is nice. Just crazy at times.

Me: Have you talked to her yet?

Paul: I wanted to talk to her so bad about it but no matter how hard I try to explain it to her, she doesn’t seem to get my point. She wanted to do it her way which is so unfair. I wanted her to be my future wife. I still do. She’s the woman of my dreams. It’s just her insecurities that are driving me nuts. I’m still looking forward to changing her mindset one day because I can’t marry her until she is confident about herself.

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I’m already planning to propose to her but I will wait until she changes her mind into fully entrusting me her future with no doubts. I had already picked the date and venue for my proposal. It would be on our 4th anniversary and in our favorite spot and the location of our first date. I envisioned how she would love it. She never forgets the dates and places that are important to us and our relationship. She would will likely cry. Just like whenever I surprise her, she cries. She appreciates big and small things alike, especially when it comes from the heart. Money was never an issue to her. I don’t make a lot of money right now and yet she still wants to be with me.

I can’t leave her no matter how hard she makes things sometimes because she’s the only person who appreciates me this much and I  know she’ll be a good mother to my kids. She knows how to take care of stuff and is a very neat person. She makes things perfect this is why maybe she keeps checking on me to make sure our relationship is stable but it’s going too far. When will she realize that? I won’t give up on her though. I need her just as much as she needed an understanding man like me. Nobody else can put up with her except me.

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As far as I can recall, we haven’t fought this week. I think things are starting to sink in with her. She doesn’t check my web histories as much as before. I hope it stays this way because it’s a relief for me and for her to stop worrying about things going wrong.

Paul:  I’ll keep you posted if something comes up.

Me: Oh wow. I don’t really know what to say but it’s good that she’s starting to get it. I mean, she loves you and you love her just as much. Hang in there man. Everything’s gonna be fine. Don’t forget to invite me on your wedding! Peace.

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Jealous Girlfriend Part 1

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Me: Hey Paul. What’s up? Do you still remember when I asked you about your girlfriend? Can you tell me more about her?

Paul: She’s crazy.

Me: That’s it?

Paul: Yeah.

Me: Lol. C’mon man. There’s gotta be something.

Paul: Whenever people ask me to describe my girl, crazy fits her the best.She gets jealous all the time. When did coming home late became a big deal? She overreacts and starts a fight with me. It’s not like I’m hitting on anybody at work because I work with men everyday. I just don’t understand her sometimes. If it has something to do with trust, I guarantee her, I haven’t done anything wrong to make her distrust me. Maybe it’s because of her past relationships or something else. But, I love her. Despite of her attitude at times, it never came across my mind to break up with her. She’s an angel in most aspects.

Basically, we live together. She moved in my apartment two years ago and we’ve been in a relationship for three years now. She goes wherever I go, checks my phone and laptop whenever I take my showers and always beside me when I’m using my phone. It’s only when I’m at work that she’s not around but she would still spy on me. She knows my email and Facebook passwords. She checks my google history from time to time, emails and Facebook messages. Why would she be doing that? I have been faithful to her. I changed my passwords one time and it freaked her out. She started being suspicious then accused me of cheating on her.

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Whenever she sees  me watching a YouTube video and it’s a girl hosting it, she would get mad. She gets upset whenever I’m driving and suddenly noticed a chick passing by too. It’s not like I’m going to hit on her. Her eyes are always on me. When she sees a girl’s name I searched to whether google or Facebook, she flips out without confirming who it was. I get the point of being protective to our relationship but it’s just too much. I don’t need her to be like this. I want her to change and stop acting distrustful because she’s just hurting our relationship with every fights she’s bringing. I want to come home and relax, go to bed peacefully and eat meals together. But whenever she’s mad about something, we don’t do these things. She sends me out of the room and make me sleep on the couch, she won’t talk to me in two days, and won’t make me lunches. It’s been three years and it hasn’t changed. I tried talking to her about it and she always give me three reasons, “she needs to know what I’m doing, whom I’m talking to and if I am going to or not cheat on her.”

Paul: You feel me?

Me: …

Paul: Just like I thought.

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Gaming Lovers

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“Gamers are sweet lovers.”

I’m Clayton and I’m a gamer. I have been playing video games since I was in grade school. I started from arcades, Nintendo, Gameboy, Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wll, phone gaming, Xbox 1, PS4,and to computer gaming. It was my life. My day won’t be completed without touching my gaming system and play for at least 5 hours a day. I play overnight during the weekends too. Gaming is like part of my daily routine but my mom usually gets mad at me because I never get out of my room.

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I play Grand Theft Auto V, Overwatch and Counter Strike-Global Offense nowadays. They’re fun and impressive games. And it’s where I met my girlfriend, Karen. She’s a gamer too. She was randomly one of my team mates while on a matchmaking competitive game on Counter Strike-Global Offense. She’s very good at it and we’re both global elites in the ranking system. As soon as she spoke on the game, I was amazed that there’s a girl on the team and she’s doing just fine. Even better than I did. So I immediately added her on Steam and she accepted my friend request in just a minute. Instead of paying attention on the game at that moment, I was busy trying to make a conversation with her which basically irritated my other team mates and wanted to kick me out of the game.

Since then, I played counter strike with her every day. We both learned new techniques in firing a gun and team strategies. We made a good team together along with my other team mates. A month later, I asked for her Facebook. She is gorgeous. I call her Miss Universe as she’s too perfect to be in this world.  I had a crush on her ever since we were just gaming buddies. I admire her gaming potentials and whenever she talks, she always makes sense. I started hitting on her few days later since I added her on Facebook. She liked me too so we thought about meeting in person and we’ll see what’s going to happen.

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After seeing each other several times, we found out we have things in common. She doesn’t party just like me and wants to graduate in college just like my dream. Then I asked her, “Will you give me the opportunity to see the world with you and be by your side whenever and wherever?” She laughed at me and said, “Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend if that’s what you’re asking me“. I’m not as romantic as other guys but I proved her I can be melodramatic just for her which is usually not me.

We’ve been dating for a year now and still play together. It takes us an hour ride to see each other but worth the drive. We hang out at least twice a week as we attend our classes over the weekdays. She’s the girl of my dreams and will not let anything to sabotage our relationship. I wrote this story not to impress people of how I got a girl through online gaming but to show Karen how she means the world to me. I can write stories about her all day long and will never get tired. We love each other and that’s what matters.

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Long Distance Relationship Part 3

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“Hi, I’m Aimee. I’m from Asia and moved to the United States to be with my lover. I met my husband online and now we’re happily married. No kids yet but we’re planning to have one in the future. Here goes our story.”

A week after Robert left, it still saddened me and couldn’t believe that he’s back in the United States. I was used in getting up his arms in the morning and eat breakfast together. Now it’s back to normal. I couldn’t eat no more and could barely get up on time for work. I missed him so dearly and wanted to see him again. He left me his shirt with his scent in it. I never washed it. I put it on to my huge teddy bear and cuddled with it every night. We still video call every single day but I never felt alive like I did when he was with me. However, I had to be strong and just trust him. I believed in him that he will fulfill his promise.

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Months passed and our relationship was still stable. We had no problems at all aside from the distance. We kept being patient and showed nothing but love and care to each other. Days before my birthday, he sent me a package and arrived after my day. We celebrated my birthday together through skype. Despite of the time difference, we still managed to. He called me around midnight before my birthday and stayed up late even if he has to go to work early the next morning. He was able to make it special and that’s  what I love about him. He makes things special although we live thousands of mile away from each other.

I wasn’t an introvert person but since I met him, I acquired a habit of going home right after work and don’t go out anymore. I quit socializing with friends and stayed at my apartment over the weekends. Robert didn’t wish for it but it’s what I started doing  without realizing it.

It took me a month to recover from the day he left and came back to my senses. I regained my passion for my career and Robert was the same way too. He was just as sad as me but he was definitely back to reality after few weeks of returning to the states. One time, I was at work and he called me. I thought it was an emergency so I took an early break. He was just going to say how much he loves me and to keep holding on. How thoughtful of him to keep reminding me. Robert makes my day better as always. He sent me cakes and flowers not once or twice but multiple times. He usually sends it at my work address and it was just romantic. It made me feel like he was just a meter away from me. So I told myself that our love for each other can definitely bring us together again.

Robert is like my alarm clock. He would call me when it’s time to get up for work. He did it everyday and it’s no joke. He never missed a single day. It’s even hard to hide my true emotions from him because he would know if I was in a bad mood or not. He could read my mind by my facial expressions. Robert is just amazing, what can I say? What more could I ask from him? He has everything I wished for. Being on a long distance relationship is just a test and it’s a piece of cake for the both us. We never stopped believing that we can make it.

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Almost a year after he left, he planned for another trip to come see me. Of course, I wasn’t as crazy as the first time. I already knew what to do and nothing to ger worried about. No more “what ifs”. It was an exciting news for me and we couldn’t wait any longer. That time, his arrival was not at midnight which was better and he would stay in the country for three weeks. My hair was pretty short and light brown color when we first met. Now, it’s twice the length and dyed it to dark brown. I made sure he won’t see my new hair color because I wanted to surprise him.

I was at the waiting area for an hour before he finally came out. I was wearing sun glasses and tied up my hair. I had my cute long dress on and lose some weight from when we first met. I was wondering if he could recognize me. So, I was slowly walking up to him and trying not to be noticed. But there’s no way he couldn’t recognize me. He yelled my name and ran to me, hugged and kissed me. I was really flattered. From what I could remember, he told me to do those corny stuff on our first meet and it’s just romantic that he did it himself. For a moment, I felt like I was Cinderella. He lifted me as we were hugging and kissing each other while people were watching us like a real life drama.

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Long Distance Relationship Part 2

Watch Video of Long Distance Relationship Part 2 Now!

“Hi, I’m Aimee. I’m from Asia and moved to the United States to be with my lover. I met my husband online and now we’re happily married. No kids yet but we’re planning to have one in the future. Here goes our story.”

“God, give me a sign please.” I was already falling in love with Robert after almost a year of talking to him online. I was getting into the point of confusion asking whether to or not it was destiny or does he feel the same way. I really didn’t know but I was sure I already fell in love with him. And made me realized, I already have moved on and ready to be in a new relationship.

Months passed by after he returned back to the United States and our feelings to each other had gotten deeper. We still video called and messaged each other every day but this time, it’s like a girlfriend and boyfriend situation. We were not scared of saying sweet words anymore such as “I like you”, “please take care of yourself”, “I miss you so much”, and so much more. My day would feel empty without seeing him because he makes me alive.

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In December 2013, he planned for a trip in my country. He wanted to visit my place and learn new things about my culture. I wasn’t sure what his intention was but I felt really excited when he was telling me about it. At first, I played it hard to get when he told me I should be meeting him at the airport and run to him, hug him and kiss him when he comes out. I told him it’s too corny and I’m not his girlfriend to do it. He was laughing hard when I said it. Four weeks passed and he surprised me with a plane ticket. I was panicking because I haven’t asked my boss for a vacation leave yet. But then, I saw the itinerary and his flight is not until the next month.

Days passed and I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, what would he think about me in person and if he would be disappointed when he sees me. I was getting crazy and couldn’t concentrate on my job. There were a lot of “what ifs” running in circles in my mind. I didn’t even want to talk to him anymore because he might turn me down and look for other girls instead after meeting me. I wasn’t sure of myself why I had those feelings. I guess it is just what it is. I was bursting out with my worries. I didn’t let him know about my feelings and pretended like I’m confident to face him with no doubts and regrets.

Two days before his arrival, I went shopping. I redecorated my apartment and made every corners look pleasant as possible. I bought new clothes and make-up. I don’t normally wear make-up but I thought that maybe it’s about time to enhance a bit. He will be in the country for about two weeks so I bought 14 different clothes to wear each day. Crazy right? I learned what kind of food he eats and how to prepare it. I wanted him to feel at home while he is in my country so I thought of every single thing he would possibly notice. I disregard my Asian style in the bathroom and changed it to Westerner’s. I couldn’t hold still the day before he arrived. I wanted him to feel good while he is with me because I love him and maybe he will love me too.

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My best friends came to visit me before I left to the airport. They told me not to worry and stop trying to impress him. They were right. Finally, it put me at ease after listening to their thoughts. Robert is supposed to arrive at midnight. An hour before his arrival, I rented a cab and went straight without fear. After two hours of waiting, he finally came out. I seriously didn’t know what to do. I just stood up there and didn’t even smile at him. I didn’t run to him and all his corny stuff he asked me to do. I was amazed and just blinked my eyes on him. As he was getting close to me, my heart was beating fast and felt like I don’t speak English anymore. I couldn’t speak. We hugged each other and that’s it. All the scripts that I was supposed to tell him were blown away while he was talking to me about how excited he was to be in my country and to spend time with me.

When we arrived in my apartment and talked for a bit, he then finally asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was even more shocked than I was at the airport. My heartbeat ran like a sport’s car and I was brain-dead. It took me several minutes to pull myself together and I was able to tell him how happy I was too to see him. I told him how much I feel for him and very excited to show him around too. But when I started talking, I couldn’t shut up anymore until he told me to relax and take a deep breath. He noticed I was nervous.

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We traveled across the country and enjoyed every single day together. He had no issues with our foods and with the way we do things. I taught him common words in my language too. He loved the weather and it’s just where he wanted to be. Everybody loves tropical weather, I guess. After a week of spending time alone, we finally went to my hometown and meet my family. My parents liked him. They saw how important I am to him and vice versa. They welcomed him with a party and Robert was overwhelmed with it. We had a big celebration at my parent’s house and everybody was able to meet Robert. We had few drinks and karaoke too. I was very happy my parents liked him and Robert got to meet them. He is the second guy my parents ever met after my ex-boyfriend who torn me apart.

As we spent his last week at my parents’ house, we did a lot of stuff with my family. We showed him around the place, we brought him to our family farm, we spent overnight at the beach, and we went to another city and did more fun stuff there. My parents hosted an everyday celebration at the house to show how they’re grateful to have Robert there. He enjoyed all of it and was thankful for making him experienced everything he never thought of.

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It was hard to say goodbye to Robert when he had to go back. I shed tears and couldn’t let go of his hands. He went in and out of the airport as he was feeling the same way too. He tried not to cry but I saw deep inside him, he was just as sad. He promised to come back and things will not change between us and it will get better instead. He promised that everything will work out and he will marry me one day. I held on to those promises and never lost hope.

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