Tips for a Healthy Marriage

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  1. Protect each other. Your wife/husband is your partner in life.

  2. Be a team player. Both husband and wife are supposed to be on the same side.

  3. Never hide anything from your partner. It will just hurt the marriage. And you don’t want to start doubting each other.

  4. Love and respect each other.

  5. You are bounded as one. The love that you share to one another, do not share it with someone else.

  6. There’s no perfect marriage. Everybody gets to experience difficulties throughout their lives. When things come to worst, be strong for your partner and for yourself. Do not let anything to destroy your marriage.

  7. As a wife, you are supposed to serve your husband and children.

  8. As a husband, you are obliged to protect and feed your family.

  9. As a husband, never hit your wife. Treat your wife like a queen and appreciate her.

  10. As a wife, never badmouth about your husband to other people. Try to settle things within your corners.

  11. Treasure you wife/husband. Treasure your kids. Treasure your family you built together.

Watch Video of Tips for a Healthy Marriage Now!

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Marriage Stage

Marriage is the stage where you and your partner unite as one officially. It is sacred and must be protected in any ways. This is the stage where you vowed to be with your partner until your very last breath.


This chapter of life is a gift from above. Although, the love, romance and intimacy must grow stronger as marriage is a lifetime commitment. Lack of these can cause serious problems in your marriage. Trust and respect need to be retained as well.


“Thou shalt not commit adultery” -Exodus 20:14


Some countries don’t practice divorce but do annulment which takes a lot of work and time. Some religions don’t believe in annulment either. Before getting engaged, make sure you are very clear of what you are about to go through with your partner in the future. This is a serious commitment that requires a lot of effort.

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